Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2

This was my view during my Sunday ride. Just me, the wind and the buffalos.

The second week of this year is done and I closed it out with 18.5 hours of triathlon practice. I was able to log 4 swims (13,550 yards), 6 bike rides (165 miles), 4 runs (20 miles) and 2 strength sessions. The numbers are a bit soft, but it's still really early. I'm just glad to be back in the swing of things. After 9 rides in the new bike position, it's starting to feel much more comfortable. I actually rode outside Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I climbed Tramway for the first time in 2011. Tramway is a ~7 mile climb that averages 5%; it's on the north east part of town. I've climbed it, literally, hundreds of times, and it seems almost all rides in Albuquerque end with a climb up Tramway. So, you learn to get used to it. So Saturday I opened my Tramway account, and Sunday I did it three more times doing big gear work. The photo above is from the Tramway climb.

I weigh myself at the beginning of each week, and this week I trimmed off 3 pounds. I can honestly say that's all from training because I ate really poorly. My Coke and chocolate consumption this week was through the roof. There's a positive linear relationship with my work schedule and my chocolate and Coke consumption. These are my two vices. But in the words of Oscar Wilde, "I can resist anything but temptation".

This is a photo I snapped the other morning. I don't know if you've seen these; it's a credit card enabled air pump...the kind you use at gas stations.

This is a fair representation of our economic state of affairs. Businesses are trying to squeeze every last penny out of its customers for every marginal, incremental good or service; and in so doing, they're killing their businesses. What happened to the good 'ol fasion gas service station where the air was free? What about when restaurants charge for refills? I went to McCormick and Schmick and got a Coke with my dinner. I asked for a second, and a third, and so on and so fourth. When I got the bill, they charged me $2 for each refill. That was years ago, and I've never gone back. And, I'll never go back! What about the airline industry charging for baggage? Flying a family of 6 to any destination is an expensive proposition...try paying an additional $600 for luggage. The decision to charge for luggage is so detestable to me, it's completely modified my choice of flying...if it's not Southwest, it's the car. I hope every airline goes out of business and Southwest rules the skies forever! And, finally, have you ever looked through the charges after visiting the doctor? What about the cost of a surgery? It's staggering. If you had to pay out of pocket for your medical bills, the life expectancy in America would drop like the ball on Times Square.

Sorry this is my rant...I'll limit my biases going forward.

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This is great. keep blogging and keep up the great work. I hope the Muertos ride stays on your calendar.