Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 1 Finished

Elise Swimming at My Pool: the Academy Natatorium

I spent the weekend with my oldest daughter at her first swim meet of 2011. It was short course yards (SCY), and her first SCY meet in nearly a year. We were excited to see how she would fair. She's been swimming on a year-round team (Duke City Acquatics) for nearly two years now. She's really starting learn her strokes and get some speed now. What was more exciting was it was being held at the pool my Masters Team meets: The Academy Natatorium. On Saturday, she swam the following: 50yrd backstroke, 100 yard freestyle, 50yrd butterfly, 100 yrd breaststroke, and the 200yrd IM. Of these events, she was able knock off 3-5 seconds and move up 3-4 heats. On Sunday, she swam 200yrd freestyle, 50yrd breaststroke, 50yrd freestyle, and 100yrd IM. What's crazy is her recorded 200 free time was 3:19.56. Today she swam 2:38.11...That's more than a 40 second improvement. That's huge! Her next swim meet is the first week of February in Los Alamos...hopefully she can get nuclear and qualify for the state SCY championships at the end of February.

As for my training, it was an abreviated week because I was on the road all day Monday coming home from Boulder. It was a crazy work week, and I spent Saturday morning and Sunday morning at Elise's swim meet.

That being said, I had 11 hours of training, which consisted of 2 swims, 4 runs, 3 bike rides, and 1 weight lifting session. An ideal week of training would be 4-5 swims, 4-5 runs, and 5 bikes with 2 weight lifting sessions. I knew this week was going to be tough to squeeze in much volume primarily because of work and family related time constraints. My primary focus on the bike is to learn to get comfortable with the new position. Otherwise, I'm really trying to find my speed, which I lost training for iron distance events.

One really tough workout I just finished was a brick. A brick is a double workout (i.e. bike/swim or swim/bike) strung together as one workout. I like to do at least one brick a week, which are generally done Thursday nights in my Speed Lab (future blog entry). Todays brick was the last twenty miles of the Buffalo Springs Half Ironman course on the computrainer immediately followed by a 1:15 tempo run. I was able to hold 22 mph on the Buffalo Springs course and finished just under 1 hour. I immediatly got off my bike and changed into my running clothes and went outside and ran. From my house, I have a running loop that if I start east has lots of climbing. The other way has lots of downhill. I went east into the hills. My legs felt really good and I held my pace under 8 min/mile. I was able to run 9 miles in 1:15. Total elevation gain was just under 1000 feet.

I'm hoping next week the volume will be up again...fingers crossed. We'll it's time for me to go and make the family Sunday traditional dinner: meat loaf and gnocci.

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