Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 1, 2011 Coming to a Close

It's the first week of 2011 and I'm still trying to get my bearings in terms of training and racing plans. I'm sort of going through the training motions at the moment until I get a free moment to really plan things out. I have a tentative schedule of events...but nothing set in stone. I really would like to do 4-5 half ironmans this year and ultimately qualify for the 70.3 world championships in Las Vegas. At a high level, that's all I got. I'm sort of going through an identity crisis because I spent the latter part of 2009 and all of 2010 in full iron distance training mode, which, oddly, I really like. However, I'm not signed up for any iron distance races in 2010 and it's killing me. I keep looking at other non-Iron Man (WCS) iron distance races and wondering if I should just roll with my 2010 training level and continue. I've looked at the Rev3 Sandusky, Ohio event on Sept. 11. I've looked at the full-distance Vineman in Sonoma, Ca in July. There's also the Redman full in Oklahoma City in September. The only reservation I have about these events are they wouldn't be Kona qualifyers. The only Ironman events still open are St. George and Louisville, KY. I've done St. George and am not sure that's the best course for me. I hear lots of bad things about it's a real travel challenge. Arg! Why can't this be like bike racing or a foot race where I can sign up the morning of...and they're local?!?

On another note, I rode the new bike for the first time, and the fitter was's going to take a little time to adapt to the new position. It seems like I have to use more strength in my arms and shoulders to support myself. I'm confident, though, that I'll adapt given time and stick-to-it-ness.

One thing I'm finding about tri training relative to other endurance sports, is it's a very solitary training sport. At least it seems that way for me. The most social training I do is swimming. I generally ride alone because my workouts are very structured and I have the obvious time constraints as any other human does. I run alone too because I like to maintain a targeted pace. I do run with a co-worker, but our schedules often conflict. I try to run with my dog, but she's still a bit young to do really long runs...and, I do most of my running at lunch break at work. With swimming, I swim on a masters team, and our lane is very social. Sometimes we're too social and we don't get the entire swim in. However, as I get close to an event I try to swim alone and do longer sets.

Bike racing is very social. There's group rides to talk about who's doing what. There's teams and clubs that hang out and train together. There a high schoolesque social mentality as well.

I'm just I'll end now. I'll post week one's results soon.

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