Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fastest Way to Lose Unwanted Pounds

Yes, there was a lapse since my last update...that's because I stumbled across a really fast way to lose poisening! Yay!

Week 3 was chaotic with 73 hours at the office...don't worry though, I was still able to squeeze nearly 17 hours of triathlon practice, which consisted of 5 runs, 4 swims, 4 bike rides.

Monday was going to be a doozy at work. We had a big project/presentation that needed to be done first thing Tuesday morning. So, I knew from the moment I walked into the office it was going to be "game on" until that project done...even if we had to work through the night. I decided not to swim before work, so I didn't roll into the office knackered. It was, indeed, hectic. We worked through lunch, through the afternoon and into the early evening. We decided to order dinner and work through dinner. It was on the company's dime, so I ordered the blue cheese burger (~$12 burger). Within 30 minutes of finishing my burger, my stomach began to let me know it didn't enjoy the blue cheese burger despite the hefty price tag. We finally finished our project at midnight...not before I had to make some mad donkey dashes to the restroom. I went home, fell into bed, and crossed my fingers that everything would sort itself out by morning. At 2am, I relocated my sleeping position to the base of the toilet...not move until noon the following day...with the exception of vomiting intervals....TMI?
By the following evening, I was able to take in fluids again. The next day I went to work and decided not to workout. By noon, I was taking in solids. That evening I did a light spin on the trainer. All seemed to be well within 24 hours of ingesting the blue cheese burger. 48 hours after getting sick, I weighed myself and was 8 pounds lighter. Now I'm trying to figure out how to keep it off...suggestions?

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