Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 and Guess Who's Back!

2010 is in the books, and guess what I made as one of my new years resolutions?...yep...updating my journey to Kona, which, incidentally still goes on. I'm not going to lament that I pretty much ignored this blog all last year. Instead, I'm going to move forward.

Here's a quick recap of 2010(not necessarily in chronological order):

-Finished Ironman St. George (my second)

-Purchased our new home (just one month before St. George...not a good idea!

-Got a new computer after destroying my other one while moving...including my special indulgance--Bose Speakers

-Bailed on doing Ironman Canada...you have to be a bit mad to try 3 ironmans in 1 year

-Turned 40...wasn't as bad as I thought it would be

-Got a smoker and smoked lots of ribs, salmon, a turkey, and some prime rib...lots of things still to smoke though

-Rode my bike >10,000 miles (98% on my TT bike)

-Ran 1,100 miles

-Swam 473,044 yards

-Finished Ironman Arizon (third Ironman) in 10:20...20 minutes and 6 spots out of qualifying from Kona

-Destroyed my TT bike on the way to Ironman Az

-Took the kids to the beach and Disneyland (a couple of days after IMAZ...wonderful way to recover)

-Bought my new super-duper TT bike.

It was a very eventful year though I only did 3 races...2 ironman distance races and 1 olympic. This year's focus is going to be qualifying for Ironman 70.3 world championships in Las Vegas. It's a bit of detour from trying to qualify for Kona, but it'll improve my speed and give me some time to refresh for 2012. In 2012 I'm thinking of going after 2 more full iron distance events...Lake Placid and one other yet to be decided event.

Currently I'm on a bit of a forced break. After my TT bike got destroyed, I spent some time riding my road bike. I rode a bit too hard, too early and started to develop some IT band issues. I'm about to try to run again (after being off for a week) in a few minutes. Wish me luck.

During the "off-season" I like to spend some time making slight adjustments and trying to find the "Low hanging fruit" that can provide some improvements for the up coming year. Well, I spent last weekend in Boulder getting a bike fit at Retul. See Pictures:

I chose this fitter because he's worked with Lance, Levi, Craig Alexander, Tim O'Donell, and quite a few other heavy hitters. It's a bit difficult going to a bike fit with a whole new, unridden bike and try to improve your position without a referrence point to begin with. My prior bike was destroyed on I-40 near Holbroke, AZ, and it wasn't really possible to duplicate the position. So, this was a ground zero project. It took nearly three hours, and the resultant position will take some adaptation. I'm hopeful that it will yield some speed/time gains both on the bike and the run.

I still have a few other tricks up my sleeve for next year to squeeze every ounce of speed out of this little ol' squaty body of mine.

Here's a closing picture of my sweet little Lilly who's my running partner:

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JAutry's said...

Lilly is so cute....We would love to watch (ok JOhn would love to do) an ironman....Wish we could see some of the events this year:)