Monday, January 4, 2010

YAY! Recovery Week

My third week is up for this month and I’m in recovery mode…truthfully…mentally I was in recovery mode long before the end of the week. I ended the week with 17 hours. I have some small issues cropping up and I’m not able to run like I want to. I only completed 1 of my scheduled 4 runs this week. I made up the lost time on the bike taking part in extra-curricular rides. It was fun. I rode over 200 miles this week. Friday was the resolution ride…and it was cold. Saturday was another group ride that included a hard pace up Placitas…an 8 mile climb at an average of 5%. I made the final selection in the climb the ended with 4 other headbangers…the rest of the group dropped off along the ascent. When we finally regrouped with the rest of the riders, I was chastised for pushing too hard in January. I don’t mind pushing hard every once in awhile…I generally ride alone and at a very controlled, disciplined pace. And, I wanted to see if the Computrainer was helping my cycling efficiency. All indicators point to an improvement. We won’t really know though until May 1…hopefully, though, I can carry some improvements through beyond December and January. Honestly, I felt like the group ride was way too easy. I kept looking at my HR monitor and seeing sub-120, which is below my aerobic training zone. This, basically, is a recovery ride. The computrainer never lets you get away with such an easy ride. When you ride alone, there’s no draft either. That being said, it’s nice to be able to socialize with something other than an Ipod…training alone may be more effective and efficient…but it’s lonely.

Sunday morning, I had my final swim workout. It consisted of a 400 warm-up with 25X100 at an AT pace. I did these leaving on the 1:50. I completed all the 100s between 1:20 and 1:30 giving myself 30-20 seconds rest between sets. It doesn’t seem like much of a workout, but it’s really a butt-kicker by the end. The goal is to gradually increase the sets until I hit 50X100. I started at 18, did 20, and just moved up to 25. The workout takes a little over an hour, but this one packs a punch. I’ve heard of pros doing 100X100, leaving at a faster time…maybe someday.

Today’s my first day of trying to eat healthy again. I went to the grocery store and bought lots of fruits and healthy things. I need to get my weight back down…hopefully 155lbs by May 1. At that weight, I think I can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. I’m trying to cut out eating soda, chocolate, and fast food and focus my appetite towards better quality. I’ve done it before…I once went a whole year without eating chocolate. But for me, the real challenge comes after a few long weeks of training…then I eat everything in front of me--Regardless of quality. I’ve eaten Oreos, granola, cottage cheese with salt and vinegar chips all in the same meal. It doesn’t matter. Twenty-plus hours of training will give you a veracious appetite. The one indulgence I’m allowing myself is Red Bull. I know it’s not the best for me….But I NEED IT!