Monday, December 21, 2009

Training Blah Blah Blah!

The first week of my second training block is done and I was able to put in 18.5 hours in the triathlon office. I swam 13,000 yards, rode 150 miles, ran 19 miles and did an hour of core/strength training.

My workout volume, though not as high at last year, seems to be a real challenge because the workouts are very focused and effective. The computrainer really makes my bike workouts much more meaningful than “just riding”. Saturday I had a 4 hour ride scheduled, so I joined a group ride. It was amazing how well I rode. Part of the ride was an extended gradual climb up to the Jemez Dam…I was the first one to the top. Me and a friend left the group and did our own extended ride. At the end of the day, we had 5 hours, and my legs were really strong. Part of the focus emphasized with the Computrainer is cadence work. When I ride, I try to keep my cadence/RPMs at 90 or above at all times. This is done by managing my gears. The focus has really shown a marked efficiency, which translates into a great average speed. One thing bad about the Computrainer was I felt a bit rusty in the peloton, which took a good hour or so to get used to. It’s not too much of a concern though because all my races are non-draft legal. One more point with the Computrainer is that you always have to work…there’s no hiding in a draft as in a group ride. I was very much surprised how little effort is necessary to draft at the back of a big group ride…it’s hardly a productive ride.

In other news, I got my Christmas shopping done. I had some ideas of some gifts not necessarily requested, but things that would be nice. If they don’t work out…there’s always Tanya gifts that followed Santa requests. The downside to balancing the check book in the family is you end up knowing what you’re getting for Christmas…no surprises. I guess the surprises should be for the kids anyways. I’m getting a Garmin Edge 500 GPS for the bike…I’m excited.

Saturday was a pretty eventful day with the kids. I took them grocery shopping with me at Whole Foods. My youngest, Mia, was chasing my son around the store and knocked down a display box of champagne sending eight bottles crashing to the ground. It was very loud and about eleven workers came running straight away to see what happened. Mia was terrified and instantly started crying. I put her in the cart and she didn’t seem to mind. Afterwards, Ethan requested we have crab for dinner…none of the kids have ever had crab. So I bought some pre-cooked Alaskan king crab legs. We came home and had clam chowder with crab legs…the kids tore through the crab in minutes. They had some much fun cracking open the crab and eating it. It was fun and definitely worth doing again soon.

This week is Christmas week and my training plan doesn’t take into account the holidays. I’m going to push through and try and be 100%, but that includes a 2.5 hour ride on Christmas. The weather forecasts call for a high possibility of snow—white Christmas’s are a bugger when you’re trying to train. Wish me luck!

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