Friday, December 11, 2009

I Thought This Was A Recovery Week!

This Computrainer is kicking my ass!

We initially bought it for convenience. I could be at home and be able to train while being there for the kids, which would afford my wife the freedom to do school work or attend classes. That the Computrainer was supposed to make you faster wasn't really a factor...everything makes that promise.

Well, Computrainer does make you faster. It's not by magic or some special pill. In my experience, there are no easy improvements, no get-rich-quick realities, no something for nothing. In fact, my personal axiom has always been "If it aint hard, it aint worth having." We'll Computrainer makes you faster the old fasion way: hard, hard work! I can't ride the damn thing without killing myself. If it isn't the pacer, it's the terrrain. If it aint the terrain, it's something else. No matter how I dice it, I've finished each work out and just crawled to bed falling asleep well before my head hits my pillow.

Last night my intent was to ride "easy" and maintain a consistent >90RPM cadence. It was an 1:15 ride. The first 15 minutes were easy. Then the horses inside me wanted to get loose...and by golly, they did! When the 1:15 was over, I met my >90 RPM cadence goal, but "easy" went out the window. My average HR and watts was in zone 3, I beat my pacer, and, once again, I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. When 4:50 AM rolled around, it was all I could do to wake up, and I was dragging the whole workout. I'm still feeling it...and I've already finished my first RedBull...maybe I need another. Gosh, this better translate into really fast bike splits!

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