Sunday, November 1, 2009

Off Season

Every year for the past 10 years, it's been "off season" and I try to regroup and figure out what I'm going to work on for the next racing season. It always boils down to 1) improve my diet, 2) train harder, and 3) train smarter. Well this year, I'm not going to kid myself anymore...I like to eat, I eat fairly well, I train smarter seems to be a case of trial and error. So, this year I'm going to do more of the same. I'm adding a few more tools (i.e. computrainer and a power meter), but I think I'll just continue training as I've done this last year...maybe with few less injuries though.

On another note, I've been having fun with my swimsuits during swim team. These are the swim suits I rotate through during the week.

My Personal Favorite.

It brings a bit of comedy at 5AM.

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