Thursday, August 27, 2009

Top 10 - June 27th -August 26th

Top Ten Highlights During my 2 Month Hiatus:

10) Choking on a boneless buffalo wing and having the doctor remove it after trying to puke it out all night.

9) Taking the kids school shopping

8) Wife finishing another semester and getting one semester closer to being a pharmacist

7) Swimming across Lake Cochiti (3 mile round trip) twice this summer without wetsuit with Masters swim team.

6) Celebrated 16th wedding anniversary with a road trip to Boulder, Colorado and no kids

5) Spending lots of time by the pool and with the kids during the summer!

4) Purchased a new “super” bike (yet to be assembled), which may be revealed in Austin

3) Body is adapting to long runs (knock on wood). This was one of my goals this year—learn how to run long. I’ve done at least one 13 mile run during each of the last 5 weeks injury free (knock on wood) including last night.

2) Oldest daughter, Elise, qualifies for and competes in Sundance (state swimming championships) in the 100 IM.

1) Finishing Bolder 5430 Long Course (half-iron distance) with a new personal best: 4:52!

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