Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'll Be 40--So What The Hell!

Next year I'll be forty. Forty tends to be the hump of someone's life expectancy--generally speaking. So, on my hump year, I'm going to do something crazy and say "what the hell"! Does Risky Business come to mind?

So this is it...the year that I turn 40, I plan on doing 3 full distance IronMans.
I'm targeting the following three: IM Utah (already registered), IM Canada (registration is going to be a challenge), and IM Arizona(I'm going to drive out to AZ to register in person).

This next adventure may just kill me but, again, what the hell! I'll keep you posted.

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Ironman RN said...

Good to have you back...I've been interested in your posts for some time. Hope you got things straightened out...or at least to a point you're happy with. Good luck on your goal of 3 IM. I got my 1st IM MOO coming in 2+ weeks. Keep up the good work and balancing life, family, and God!