Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Canada

Registration Confirmation for:

2010 Subaru Ironman Canada

Dear Justin,

Congratulations! You are now registered for 2010 Subaru Ironman Canada. Please check the event's official website for updates:

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IMPORTANT! Make sure you keep your email address up to date with us. Almost all notifications / information are via email. If you change email addresses, make sure you notify IMNA athlete services at so you don't miss any important information throughout the year.


Perfect Training Week!

I don’t know if my body is finally adapting to the workload or I’ve got a big exhaustion hiccup waiting to wallop me around the next corner. But this last week was the perfect training week (knock on wood)! Last week I managed 21 hours of real honest training (i.e. no yoga or strength training). Some of my goals have been more time/miles on the bike, and doing one 13 mile run (along with 3 other runs) each week. I was able to do that. This week I managed 24 hours of triathlon practice, which included 15,000 meters of swimming, 240 miles on the bike and 30 miles of running. It seemed this week was one continuous task after another. I also had a non-training productive week too: I mowed the front and back lawns, did other yard work, cleaned the inside of my car, did the laundry, went grocery shopping, and cooked 4 of the dinners last week. Historically, my third week of a 4-week training block is when I start to shut down. I don’t feel too bad yet (knock on wood) though. What is really helping me is I have a finite number of training weeks until my 2009 season is over—8, including this week. Included in those 8 weeks are 2 rest weeks and one taper week. Knowing I have to hold it together for a few more weeks is encouraging as opposed to having an indefinitely long string of hard workout weeks.

Another thing I’m doing differently is really focusing on recovery. Every night I’m icing my legs and wearing compression socks. I’m trying to sleep better too. Sure, my body’s tired, but at least I have the energy to start the workout (which I generally finish) rather than lounging on the couch totally exhausted.

I’ve read that endurance athletes walk a razor’s edge in training volume in that they’ll push the body as far is it possibly can go before it breaks down or gets injured. Sometimes you slip off the razor—it’s a trial and error thing. But, once you’ve walked that razor’s edge, got off and recovered, you’re capable of things, for a brief period of time, you’ve previously considered impossible. I can attest to that reality. It’s amazing.

In other news, my oldest daughter is trying out for one of the city’s year-round swim programs. I’m really pumped for her. It’ll be challenge for her mother and I to meet the rigorous swim practice regiment and meet the financial requirements, but I think she really has some potential. Unfortunately, I’ll have to back off and let her find that potential herself. I’m too much; I know it. My intensity is just too much when it comes to certain things.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'll Be 40--So What The Hell!

Next year I'll be forty. Forty tends to be the hump of someone's life expectancy--generally speaking. So, on my hump year, I'm going to do something crazy and say "what the hell"! Does Risky Business come to mind?

So this is it...the year that I turn 40, I plan on doing 3 full distance IronMans.
I'm targeting the following three: IM Utah (already registered), IM Canada (registration is going to be a challenge), and IM Arizona(I'm going to drive out to AZ to register in person).

This next adventure may just kill me but, again, what the hell! I'll keep you posted.

Boulder 5430 Long Course Video

My Brother put this video comment about the music.

Top 10 - June 27th -August 26th

Top Ten Highlights During my 2 Month Hiatus:

10) Choking on a boneless buffalo wing and having the doctor remove it after trying to puke it out all night.

9) Taking the kids school shopping

8) Wife finishing another semester and getting one semester closer to being a pharmacist

7) Swimming across Lake Cochiti (3 mile round trip) twice this summer without wetsuit with Masters swim team.

6) Celebrated 16th wedding anniversary with a road trip to Boulder, Colorado and no kids

5) Spending lots of time by the pool and with the kids during the summer!

4) Purchased a new “super” bike (yet to be assembled), which may be revealed in Austin

3) Body is adapting to long runs (knock on wood). This was one of my goals this year—learn how to run long. I’ve done at least one 13 mile run during each of the last 5 weeks injury free (knock on wood) including last night.

2) Oldest daughter, Elise, qualifies for and competes in Sundance (state swimming championships) in the 100 IM.

1) Finishing Bolder 5430 Long Course (half-iron distance) with a new personal best: 4:52!


Many people have asked why they haven’t been granted access to my blog; I wasn’t trying to block specific individuals. I just wanted to shut it down for awhile without deleting it all together. I couldn’t bare to just leave it as is; an un-updated blog begs to be updated…kinda like an unmowed lawn or all the other tasks sitting around the house waiting for your time. So, I just “put it out of sight” so I wasn’t reminded that I needed to update it.

Honestly, I needed a break for awhile. I was going through some “stuff” and didn’t want to bare my soul, which inevitably I would have done. Nothing too crazy; and probably much of it was exercise induced. I apologize if anyone felt I targeted them specifically…that wasn’t the case.

A lot has happened in the interim….