Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Week Until Buffalo Springs

I've been pouring on the training hoping to make up for my injury down time. I've had one solid month of training, and I've finally hit a wall. This morning I did a killer swim workout, and when I was done...I was done. I had scheduled a follow up 4.5 hour bike ride, but that didn't happen. The main set of my swim workout was 20X100 meters leaving at 1:50. Before that set, I did a easy 400 and pulled 1000. Then, I did my intense set. When I was done, I was gasping for energy, my skin was burning, and I was totally wiped out.

Afterwards I went to my kids' Swim Meet, which was in the rain. Elise killed it again. Then I spent the rest of the day trying to recover. If all goes well I'll still hit 20 hours by weeks' end. Then next week it's a fairly easy week and my first event of the year. My longest run yet has been 1 hour at 7 miles. I'm a bit nervouse about that, but it's better than being injured and pulling out after the bike, which was my original plan. Fingers crossed, I'm hopping for a good race and at the least a good measure for where I stand fitness wise.

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