Monday, June 1, 2009

Break Through!

"Break Through" is usually a term used when you hit a new personal best time or your training has hit the next level. For me, the "Break Through" was finally figuring out what's been causing my injury. After a month long detour from running and biking, the culprit is swimming...more specifically, kicking drills. DOH! Saturday morning, I shared a lane with some dude who swam for UofA. He's swam all his life. I stopped him and asked him if he'd seen anything like my ailment. He laughed and send it was the second most common swimming injury next to shoulder related over-use injuries. He, then, showed me a stretch to eliminate it. He told me to lay off kicking for a week or so and it'll go away. I did just that.

After swimming, I jumped on my bike and rode for 3 hours. After 3 weeks of not riding and 4 weeks of not running, my fitness was greatly diminished. Throughout the entire ride, my HR was >155 BPM and I was hardly moving. Last time I rode, I was putting out 5X20 minute intervals fairly effortlessly and a very fast pace. Sure, I'm a bit frustrated, but I'm also glad I can ride again. Sunday, I ran on the treadmill for 20 pain-free minutes. It was at a very slow pace. And, again, last time I ran, I did a 10K in 40 minutes flat, but now I'm plodding along at 5 MPH for 20 minutes. At the end of the day, I'm just glad to be back again doing the things I love. The fitness will come back soon enough. I'm hoping to salvage the rest of this year in terms of racing. I still have Buffalo Springs at the end of this month that I'm registered for. I'm now putting that back on the table as a practice race. I won't even look at my time...I'll just go and take in the event. Why not?

On other news, I met with an individual who teaches at the University of New Mexico's Physical Therapy program who has a side business making orthodics. He assessed my feet, posture, and gait while walking and running, and made me some in-sole for my work, work-out, and running shoes. He had some very interesting insight about my body. He was great. He had the in-soles done the very next day. I ran on them for the first time yesterday. One thing he did say was thay with my current posture and body structure, I have to work a lot harder to run, which can lead to earlier fatigue and potential injury because of gait imbalances. The orthodics are supposed to relax my feet and allow for a more supple gait, which will better absorb shock/impact. I'm hopeful. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

So, you met Bones??

The Hard Road To Kona said...

Indeed...I met Bones and I'd highly recommend him!