Monday, May 4, 2009

Swim Week

This week I racked up roughly 16,500 yards of swimming. I did one yoga class…did lots of stretching throughout the week, and didn’t run or ride my bike. I’d like to say my leg is 100% and I’ll be training full speed ahead. But, my leg still doesn’t feel’s better but not 100%. Sunday, the three older kids did the 5K Run For The Zoo and I toted Mia around on my shoulders for the duration. I was worried I’d be sore afterwards but wasn’t. That’s an improvement. I’ll have my first test run tomorrow. I’ll start with an easy 30 minute run and assess from there.

Otherwise the weekend was good. I watched Ethan’s basketball team demolish another team. Ethan and another player were on fire. By the third quarter, the refs pulled the score and just let the kids play out the time.

Afterwards, the family went and watched the new X-Man/Wolverine movie. It was entertaining and fun to hang out. We smuggled in lots of candy; I had my favorite Peanut Butter M&Ms. Oh yeah!

We just signed the three oldest kids up for the local swim team. I timed Elise while she swam 100 meters for a before-and-after comparison. She swam it in 3:20; She used all sorts of strokes (i.e. dog paddle, back, modified crawl); she rested at the wall. It wasn’t pretty but she got it done. It’ll be interesting to see what her post-summer time will be. I’ve told her the focus this summer is to focus on form/technique and endurance. We don’t need to worry about speed or races—those will come later. Elise has the perfect body and determination to be a great swimmer, if she get’s hooked. Unfortunately, she gets put off of any thing I try to push her into. So, I have to not pressure her. Don’t worry though, I’ve already contacted the swim coach at my alma mater to see what she needs to be able to do for swim camp next year. I’m so bad!

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