Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Break

This weekend was tied up in resolving loose ends and hanging out with friends and family. Since I didn't train other than swim and strength building exercises I tried to use my time taking care of other things.

Our house has a problem with plumbing backing up. Just recently it really backed up bad and after plunging, snaking and using an inordinate amount of chemicals, it wouldn't give. So, we had to call in the big boys: Roto Rooter. Well, they did the job. Thank goodness because every toilet and shower in the house wouldn't drain.

Next I bought a new dryer. Our last one was louder than a lug nut in a hub cap. It's amazing how quiet a new runs!

Then I did a bunch of laundry to get caught up.

Another thing we're doing now that summer is started is having the kids make their lunches for camp rather than charging it to the monthly gym bill for cafe-made lunches. I took Elise, Grace, and Mia to Walmart and went through a detailed shopping list picking easy-to-make items. We decided to make a rather hardy lunch since the first thing the kids will do is swim team every morning, which should knacker them out fairly will. I'm looking forward to tired kids at night so it'll be a bit more quiet around the house.

We also had Tanya's brother and family come into town for Colorado Springs, so we spent a bit of time with them. And, we spent time with friends.

All these things are good distractions so I'll let my leg heal. I'm struggling to stay still and let my leg heal. But, I know it's the best thing to do right now. I feel like my leg is half-way there. Perhaps one more week and I can do my first bike ride. I'm scared now that I'll reaggrevate it so I'm trying to be smart. I have found that the BOSU is a good implement to improving my leg. We'll see. My spirits seem to be a bit better though. Sometimes it helps to thing long-term rather than "right now". On the plus side, my swimming is really improving. I swam 4100 yards on Monday. I was able to really push hard. In fact, I took my own lane and nearly doubled the workout. It's my only outlet at the moment.

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JAutry's said...

I like the Bosu ball as well. John just got me an exercise ball by the same guy who made that...It has sand in it to stabalize it and to make it a little more challenging. I will pray for you to be able to get through this struggle and find the answers you need. It is hard to be grounded physically. I love you.