Friday, May 1, 2009

1 Year Away

One year from today, I will be gutting it out again in the St. George Iron Man hopefully with better results--healthy running split. The times at this event will be less relevant as the placings for the Kona ticket because the bike and run course are horrendously challenging with elevation gains. Check out the course profiles:

No sense in getting worried about the elevation gain...just have to train...specificity...specificity. The bike course picks up upwards of 4,500 feet of elevation and the run picks up another 2,000 feet. I couldn't live in a better place to prepare with high altitude and lots of climbing--no worries!

Leg is slowly getting better and I'm enjoying recovery time. Tomorrow's day starts with a swim with Masters, watching son's basketball game, and relaxing by the pool...oh and maybe catching a movie with the kids. Now that's what I'm looking forward to.

This next year's going to be crazy! I hope to see as many friends and family as possible at the finish line this year.


Anonymous said...

I am confused by your blog. Did you participate in the St. George event on May 1?

Tim Bailen said...

Have you considered participating in a bike tour to train for this? There's one in your neck of the woods coming up in August. I'm volunteering. Check it out!