Monday, April 6, 2009

Taco Contest

When Tanya left out of town, the kids and I renewed a competition we have every year: The Taco Eating Contest!

We headed to our local Taco Bell. This time it would a team contest; Elise/Ethan vs. Daddy/Grace/Mia. I ordered 20 of the $1 tacos. Ethan told the manager we were having a taco eating contest, and he got really excited. He told us he'd throw in an order of Cinnimon Twists for the winning team. I guess he figured we would be too full to take him up on his offer--wishul thinking!

When the order was filled, I put 10 tacos on 1 tray and gave it to Team Ethan/Elise. The remaining 10 tacos were on another tray for Team Daddy/Grace/Mia. Each team sat together at their respective fiberglass table with swiveling leg-less chair. The only rule was that if one team finished all 10 of their tacos, they could grab a taco from the other team; thereby, claiming victory. That is after the complete taco is consumed, of course.

Once the rules were in place and understood by all, I set my timer, and said, "mark, set, go!" The entire Taco Bell staff were watching in amusement.

Right off the bat, Ethan, grace, and I knocked our first off in less than a minute. This pace was a bit too much for Grace, and she puked a little. Living up to her name, she quietly rolled what came up in the taco wrapping and carried on to her next one. I'm glad no one from the opposing team noticed so this wouldn't become a point of contention during the final stretch. One-after-one Ethan and I inhaled our tacos. I started to worry that I didn't buy enough tacos. The Taco Bell staff were coming closer to our table to see how the competition wrapped up. After three tacos, Grace started to shut down. Elise hit three tacos and started yelling at Ethan to eat more. After 5 tacos, both Ethan and I were starting to slow down. Mia was finishing her second. I grabbed number 6 and Ethan followed my pace. This finished all of Team Daddy/Grace/Mia's 10 tacos and left one taco on Team Ethan/Elise's tray. Ethan and I were staring eye-to-eye chewing at the same pace. The tension was thick. I didn't know if I could finish and out grab from Ethan the last taco from Team Ethan/Elise's tray. And, just when Ethan and I were 3/4s through with our tacos and getting ready to reach, Mia grabbed the last taco from Team Ethan/Elise's tray. Ethan and Elise shouted in horror as Mia snatched victory right off their taco tray. She quietly opened the wrapping, and ate the taco bite-by-bite as Grace started to celebrate. The final taco was consumed precisely at 10:50. The Taco Bell staff clapped and handed a bag of cinnomon twists to our team. Grace snatched them up and shared them with Mia. Ethan and Elise pleaded for a few cinnomon twists, but Grace wouldn't have any of it. I'm not sure if the Taco Bell staff will encourage another taco eating contest based on mess we left.

One interesting note: as we were driving home, Mia asked what was for dinner.

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