Friday, April 3, 2009

Missed Work Out - Arg!

This is my big training week of the month, and everything was going as planned...that is until this morning. I use my cell phone for an alarm, and the cell phone is on the fritz. Needless to say, I missed my Masters Swim because I didn't wake up. That's annoying! I don't know if I should kill myself trying to make it up. I have a swim tomorrow morning. Do I try to make up the swim tonight with another lengthy swim 12 hours later or do I try to make it up Sunday on a day that's already full of events (2.5 hour bike/1 hour run)? Or do I just blow it off? In the grand scheme of things one missed swim workout is not a big deal, but I really want to go into my recovery week finishing all that I planned.

It's really interesting the emotional status one finds themself in after training between 18-26 hours a week for three months straight (excluding 3 recovery weeks of 10 hours each). The first two months, I'd find myself exhausted by my peak week. This peak week, I can best describe myself as being very punk rock (i.e. easily annoyyed, abrasive, confrontational, and reckless). It's actualy very liberating. I feel like a teenager again. At work, I've holed myself to my computer with my door shut, and music blaring; I don't answer the phone--let it roll to voice mail. I might call you back...and I might not. I logged on to my wife's FaceBook account and graffitied a bunch of people's wall. I've already responded adversley to 3 mass emails--and I replyed to all! Don't mess with me...I'm punk rock!

That co-worker that I put in the stretcher on Tuesday after our run, bailed on our Thursay run. That's got schooled by someone ten years your senior. Next time you show up to the run, don't bring your ballet slippers!

A couple of days ago, my bike training buddy and I did a little team TT training on Tramway. We were able to hold a 31-32 MPH average for 5 miles. We did it twice. It was really fun trading pulls at such a fast speed. As we were humming along, little kids in the back of their mommy's hybrid Suburbans watched us keep up. They'd wave and giggle. We were slobbering like mud horses just trying to pull through. Afterwards, we were both exhausted and excited by the workout.

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