Monday, April 6, 2009

Laundry List For Recovery Week

Over the stressful building training weeks, I make a mental note of all the things that need to get done around the house, and vow to get them done on my recovery week. During those three weeks, I pray nothing will be pressing enough that I can't defer it until recovery week. During this last three-week duration our washer started to die, I lost my wallet (i.e. drivers license, debit cards, other personal data), sprinklers needing to be started up again, and few other jobs reared their heads. I did my best to patch up the washer to get it to limp along until recovery week. Well, today's the first day of my recovery week, and I had to take the day off because Tanya's out of town for a distant family member's funeral. Today, I was able to knock out a few of my items. I pulled apart the washer and found a bunch of coins, rocks, a handful of lint, hair pins, stickers, and buttons clogging the water pump's flow. Afterwards, I got a new driver's license, and fired up the sprinklers. I "spring" cleaned the office. When the two oldest kids got home from school, I had them "spring" clean the kitchen. This included sweeping, mopping, reorganizing the cabinets, cleaning the hinder spaces on the counter (i.e. under the microwave and toaster), and finishing the dishes.

The two youngest got early by cleaning their room.

I'm now catching up on a few weeks of laundry. We're hoping to have the whole house done by the time Tanya gets home, which should be late-late tonight.

One of the things I was taking stock of today are all things that need to be replaced in our house. As mentioned in a previous post, we need a new dryer. We need a new vacuum cleaner--Tanya insists it has to be a Dyson. Our house phone just died this weekend. Our dishes, pots, and pans are, virtually, the same dishes we got for our wedding (15 years ago). My mobile phone is dying. The problem with all this stuff...there's nothing sexy about buying household goods! It's not like a new wheelset or even a pair of running shoes. The cost of all these items could easily buy a great little family vacation. Yet without fully functioning household goods, everything gets out of sync. Some things I refuse to buy with young kids, they'll just get trashed (i.e. nice dining flatware). It just seems like such a waste. Oh well...these are the perils of your average household.

Hopefully, I can spend the rest of the week "recovering" and anticipating anything that could possibly derail my next training block.

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