Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Forced Recovery

I've recently developed a small case of hip flexor tendonitis. It's nothing major, but, as these things go, you have to get a handle on them early or the minor injury can wreck a big portion of your season. I was scheduled to do a Duathlon in Los Alamos this weekend, but figured it would be smarter to not go. The last time I ran, was a week ago. I bumped my riding to cover my missed running time. I was able to put in the scheduled 18 hours of training I needed. Although on further research of hip flexor tendonitis, the biggest sports causes are running and biking--Doh! So this week I'm on a king of forced recovery week limited to swimming and yoga only. I'm sure this short time off will not affect me fitness-wise I'm already at the point where I'm running so ragged, training begins to be counter-productive.

This last weekend was probably the craziest of my life! Lots of things happened...too many to list. It's amazing how many things one can cram into a weekend. For this reason alone, I need a bit of recovery.

One of the biggest challenges I face is trying to train for these events and trying to juggle work demands. My co-workers and boss don't have the same goals I have. Much of their personal goals are tied to career performance. I envy them for that; my life would be so much more simple if my goals would be centered around my career. Unfortunately, I have too much physical energy. If I put off training for a period of time, I'm impossible to live with. Just ask my kids what I'm like during the off-season. My wife yells at me to go out and ride my bike. The training I do creates a balance that allows me to work (and live) productively. It's a yin and yang thing. I have to have a physical outlet...and why not let it be constructive? I've tried just lifting weights...it seemed so strange to spend countless hours trying build muscle. I tried golf--worst mistake ever! So far, endurance racing brings me the balance I need. Even so, my training hours and/or my working hours tend to get out of balance and I start to get mentally exhausted. Lately, I feel like I'm dealing with that with respect to my work. My boss wants me to work everyday until 7pm--at least. And that's doable...sometimes. But other times, it makes me want to find a new job...maybe puppetry or folk dancing. I, also, know that my attitude towards work if very cyclical, and when I'm on a down cycle (like now) I need to take some time off to recharge the batteries.

One thing I'm really looking forward to is spending the summer by the pool. During the summer, I usually spend the morning training and meet up with the family at the gym's pool for the afternoons every Saturday. We'll get a pizza or some sandwiches and just hang out for hours. Tanya hangs out with her friends. In the previous years, I've had to make sure Mia is OK in the pool and have to swim with her. She can now swim really well. So, I'm going to buy myself some books and spend the summer catching up on my reading. I'm going to spend as much time pool-side this summer as possible. Perhaps I can knock out Victor Hugo's complete works--especially now that the hoopla around Les Miserables has finally died down (a discussion for another day).

I feel like I'm rambling right now, so I'm going to go.

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