Thursday, March 26, 2009

Root Canal

Tomorrow will be a first for me...I get to have my first (hopefully my last) root canal. The filing on one my molars cracked providing an opening for all the filing was trying to protect against. Eventually, the bacteria eroded the enamal all the way to the root and the tooth is more/or less dead. It's been very painful for the last 6 months, but I hate dentists and avoided going. The toothe ache would come and's only a little pain now and again. Well, these last couple of weeks the pain has elevated to a full on ice cream headache all over the side of my face. It's happend twice, so I knew it was time to suck it up and go to the dentist. After a few X-rays, the dentist referred me to a specialist. Tomorrow, I'll go through the procedure.

Why do I hate dentists? Well, I'm not exactly dissuaded by the pain. What I really don't like is the constant feeling of chocking as the dentist works in my mouth. I feel like I'm suffocating the entire time. After a while of this, I get a really high level of anxiety and start getting hostile. It's weird...I know. But, I don't like dentists. Thoughts of spending time at the dentist evokes small anxiety attacks for fear of suffocation. Actually being at the dentist is much worse. The whole thing is weird...I sleep with a pillow covering my face, I'm not afraid of small spaces, I don't mind bugs (but I don't like snakes too much), I have a love/hate (exhileration) relationship with heights, I'm not afraid of clowns or public speaking, but take me to the dentist and my body starts to act out. It's a really strange phenomonon.

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