Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rest Week--AHHH!

Last week I wrapped up with 21 hours of triathlon practice. Now it's recovery week--YAYYYY!
I took Monday off to join my oldest daughter for her class field trip, which was a hiking trip on the east side of the Sandias. The morning of the hike, it was raining at our house, which means it was snowing in the mountains. Sadly, the field trip was cancelled. Elise wasn't very happy especially after spending so much time packing our lunches and following her teacher's packing instructions to a tee (including plastic bags under your socks to keep your feet from getting wet).

I decided to stay home and look for my lost wallet, clean the house, and do the laundry. I was really mellow and hanging around the house sounded a lot better than going to work. After the house was clean, all the laundry was washed and folded, I still couldn't find my wallet and started getting worried. I kept checking online to see that no one was running rampant with my bank card. Finally, I decided it was hopeless and called the bank and cancelled my card. This really sucks because now I have to get a new drivers license. What's more, I had nearly 15 completed Dos Hermonos cards I was saving to get a Dos Hermonos T-shirt (20 completed cards was all I needed). Does anyone realize what a tremendous investment that was???? ARG!

On a different note, I'm heavily thinking about doing Boise again this year. I wasn't planning to do it...especially 2 weeks before Buffalo Springs. But, the organization putting on Boise just announced that participants could sign up for IronMan Coerde Lane 2010. This is the earliest IronMan in the US (Late June), which would give me plenty of time to recover for Kona and help me avoid doing IronMan Brazil or China. At any rate, I'm crunching the numbers and it's a real possibility. Tanya's already told me she really really really wants to go. We wouldn't bring the kids this time though. Last time it was too much of a hassle trying to make a vacation out of it for everyone and visit all our friends. We'll see.

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