Monday, March 30, 2009

Hung Over

I missed my target training hours by a dissapointing 2 hours this week. The goal was for 20, I ended up with 18. It didn't help that 2 of our swim practices got cancelled without any prior knowledge. I got up early and got to the pool only to find an empty parking lot. There's 3 hours gone right there. Friday, I was going to commute, but that didn't work out so well with getting a root canal, so I took the conservative route and just ran at lunch instead. It doesn't much matter though, I'm so tired today (Monday) from the weekend's activities. I'm utterly useless! I feel like I have a training weekend hang over.

One thing that's really affected my ability to train is the sudden cool shift in the weather. The prior weekend was in the 70's; I was riding in shorts. Friday morning, I woke up to snow. I knew this would happen...Albuquerque is notorious for throwing the spring curve ball, but still. It's so hard to bundle up again after you've experienced the good life.

Saturday was a 4.5 hour ride doing muscular endurance intervals of 6X20 minutes--just like last week with an additional 20 minute set thrown in for good measure. I got done and was very tired...much more tired that I thought I'd be. Yesterday I rode for 2.5 hours in the small chain ring; it was an endurance ride and I didn't want to burn my hamstrings up too much for the pending speed running workout.

After church, I jumped on the treadmill and ran 6X1000 meter intervals at 4:24min (8.6MPH) with a one minute rest interval in between. The total run was 6.5 miles--relatively short in distance--but the intensity is the killer. This is the weekly workout I dread. This workout takes a lot of mental toughness to finish.

Afterwards I took the kids to the park and hung out with them for awhile. It's amazing how much energy they have--especially my youngest. As she runs around the park, she goes back and forth between running and skipping and running and skipping. I don't even think she knows she does it. I couldn't help but think how lucky I am for having such good, healthy children. They may be a handful (and expensive to feed) but they're much better kids than I deserve. I was a terror as a child. These kids are very kind and happy.

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