Friday, February 13, 2009

What A Difference Rest Week Makes

This week I've spent alot of time catching up with sleep and doing fun family activities. Monday, I took my oldest daughter shopping for clothes. I gave her a few options of places we could go...she chose Target. That's not what I would have picked but whatever. She was excited. She picked out a couple pair of pants and a couple of shirts. I also grabbed some socks and underwear for her. When folding the laundry a few days ago, I realized my oldest didn't have much in terms of clothes. She never complains and is always reliable around the house. She's really a good kid. During the big party we had at the house a couple of weeks ago, she did so much to help. She needed some type of reward. So, I decided to take her clothes shopping. Incidentally, the very next day, her mother took her to the Optomotrist and got her some contacts--something she'd been asking for for weeks.

I caught a little bug a couple of days ago...nothing to really fret about. But it made me sleep a lot more, which is good. The timing couldn't have been better--recovery week. This morning, I went to my Masters swim and was just killing it. I swam 3,500 yards and didn't feel tired at all. A couple of people in my lane kept complaining about how hard the workout was (one ultimately packed it in early); I didn't feel like it was overly hard. Then it dawned on me. Wow, I'm rested. No wonder I feel so good. Usually I go to my swim workouts with a lot of accumulated activity and not enough hours of sleep and spend the first half-hour just getting my body up to speed. It was a pleasant change.

I have a TT on Saturday to establish my fitness baseline as a standard to measure against for the rest of the year. Every month, I'll go back to the same TT course and compare my times to see how I'm improving. It's not an absolute in terms of fitness standard. Many things could come into play. For example, this time of year is windy and cold. I will be bundled up and knocked around by the wind. Those factors can definitely slow me down. Come July when the wind is gone and it's warm, I may have to offset my time improvements for these factors. At any rate, it has been a low key week (10 hours of training), which is just what I've needed. The next three weeks will be significantly more challenging (20hours, 24hours, and 26hours).

We got our tax return today, so I'm going to register for Buffalo Springs.

Have a good one!

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