Monday, February 16, 2009

Rest Week's Over and Week 1 Begins

Rest week is over and all that I wanted to accomplish during the week, I did. I slept a lot, I rested a lot, I hung out with the family a lot, and I did my bike TT. Saturday morning, I did my base line TT effort, which ended up with a 12.1 mile course being covered in 31:40, which is an average of just under 23 MPH. I was pleasantly suprised with this time considering I've only done base and speed drills. I started the TT with a brisk tailwind. I was zooming along at 27 MPH. I focused on holding my position and maintaining a fast cadence. The course I chose is a relatively flat out-and-back ride. So, when I turned around it was directly into the headwind. I put my head down and tried to maintain a consistant effort. The average speed back was 20 MPH. Towards the end, the headwind got really stiff. This is when I noticed my longer crankarms really giving me the ability maintain a strong pace. After the TT, I warmed down for an hour.

This morning, the first workout of my block was a 3,800 yard swim. Welcome back! At lunch, I ran for 30 minutes at 6.5MPH. This was a good workout because I'm moving closer to where I need to be. I just increased my run times by five minutes per run. I'm increasing every two weeks. I'm hopeful this will give me plenty of time to build up.

It's offical: I signed up for Buffalo Springs for June 28th. I figured I'd sign up in advance so I don't lose out when the event ultimately fills up.

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