Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Week Closer To Doom

Another week in the books and I'm trashed. You pobably get tired of me saying this, but it was intense. On a non-training side, I did the taxes, worked 50 hours, worked with my son to make sure he's finishing his home work on time and correctly, hosted a joint birthday party for my middle two children whose birthdays are a couple weeks apart (37 people attended), dealt with some financial surprises, refinanced my car, resolved my long-standing PayPayl issue, attended a superbowl party, taught a sunday school class, and fed my dog and my daughter's rabbit. On the training side, I spent 23.5 hours either swimming, biking, running, or working out. I ended the week with 13,500 yards in the pool, 250 miles on the bike and 6 miles of running--still lopsided. By Saturday afternoon, I was exhaused--walking dead exhausted. I struggled through the ride Saturday morning. The first hour I wanted to call it a day but was too tired to fight the wind back by myself. After a while my legs came around and I was feeling really randy. The group ended up pushing a fairly hard pace up Tramway and the first half of the Fingers, I was feeling really good climbing and hung with the lead group. I ran for 25 mintutes aftwards and it felt like my legs were at 90%; good improvement. Sunday, I missed the early morning ride because I slept in, so I did the Lobo ride. There were 4 flats in all; the first half was way too slow. I wasn't complaining though because I felt like I had wooden legs. The second half of the Lobo ride was like moto-pacing. It was all I could do to hang on. People were being dropped and I just focused on the wheel in front of me to hang on. It wasn't pretty. But I finished it up.
I slept in again Monday morning and missed Masters and didn't commute on my bike to work. My body was telling me it needed to rest. Today, I feel much better ready to finish off my last hard week of the block. I'm getting excited because my run is really starting to feel better.

Use the force!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, back to the Haleakala video, they actually have a time trial up that thing in the early fall, Cycle to the Sun I believe. My girlfriend did it a couple of times in the early 90's, and says I should do it one day.