Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Does Someone Do In The Offseason?

I've been doing a lot of sleeping, movie watching, errands, leaf raking, and planning lately. I've been going to bed nearly every night at 10pm and waking up at 7:30. Weekends I've been sleeping in until 8:30-9:00 am; it's great. For a zombie triathlete, sleep is a luxury. You take it when you can get it and go without to make the next workout. I've also rented every possible movie from RedBox possible. Last Sunday, Ethan was sick, so I made him watch the Mad Max trilogy; he didn't seem to like the movies as much as I did when I was a kid. I cleaned my car--something I've wanted to do since June. Now if I can get my Christmas shopping done and unpack our extra bedroom, I'll be all set.

I've been putting together my training plan for next year. I've posted my racing schedule below. There will probably be a few bike and running races thrown in to mix it up a bit. The big races are going to be Buffalo Springs 70.3(West Texas)/Lake Stevens 70.3 (Seattle, Washington)/ Austin 70.3 (Austin, Texas) with the effort trying to qualify for the 70.3 Championships in Clearwater, Florida, in November. I'm going to shorten the distances a bit to let my running legs get ready for the longer marathon distances. I'd like to presume my Kona campaign in 2010. Each of these 70.3 events do have a few Kona slots, but they're extremely competitive (more so than qualifying with a traditional IronMan). So I'm not taking myself out of the Kona game all together.

I have been swimming a lot these last couple of weeks. I don't want to start the Masters cold turkey and suffer. I have to say, my swimming has progressed quite a bit this last year, which makes me happy. Every few swim workouts, I've been doing 10X100 yards at 1:45 each. I consistently finish at 1:30 giving myself 15 seconds of rest between each. I'm not sure whether I should increase the volume of intervals (secretly I'd like to do 25 of these) or decrease the send off times. Either way, this would not have been something I could have done a year ago. Last year, I was struggling to consitently do flip turns. I'm excited to see what next year will bring. I'm optimisitic that the Masters will help me get to the next level.

I've been putting together my workout plans for the next year. My goal is start every workout with a specific workout task and work towards an ultimate objective. Towards the end of the season last year, I was more or less going through the motions. Ideally, I'd like to have a coach to put together my training plans and techniques--especially with running. But, I really have to pick and chose my options with the resource constraints I have. I feel like I have a lot of potential with this triathlon thing; I just wish I had all the tools necessary to get there as quickly as possible. If someone knows of any sponsorship/funding opportunities, let me know.

My knee is improving pretty well now. I've given it lots of rest and used the pool to rehab it a bit. I'm thinking by next week I can start riding the bike again and possibly start with the eliptical--crossing my fingers.

A couple of days ago Albuquerque got her first snow. Can I go back to Arizona for the winter? I don't look forward to long rides in the cold. It's miserable wearing multiple layers of clothes and your fingers and toes are freezing. You also build some bad habits while riding in the cold. Being bundled up, you get out of the habit of a strict drinking/eating regimine. Just 3 weeks ago, I was wearing a triathlon outfit for a 112 mile ride and wasn't the least bit cold.

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