Friday, December 26, 2008

Strange Day!

Today, 12/26/2008, I came into work--I'd taken nearly a week-and-a-half off prior to Christmas because I was going to lose 84 hours of PTO. I just hung out for my time off. Anyway, I show up to work today, and there's not a soul in the whole building. I remember my boss telling me to come back the Friday after Christmas. Turns out today is a company holiday and Christmas Eve wasn't--DOH! I pulled a no show at work. I've never done that before. no one even called me. I guess that means my presense isn't necessary.

I've fallen off the blog wagon as of late because I've been in vacation/holiday mode. I'm not back to training regularly. I'm still in the preparation phase of training, which means I'm not supposed to exceed 12.5 hours. I've been doing a bit of everything these last couple of weeks. I've been a lot of circuit training with a class my wife goes to regularly. She likes it when I go so she can laugh at my lack of coordination. I've been hiking, and I even got out to do some nordic skiing. The other day I started jumping rope--UGH! Jumping rope is hard! I lasted 15 minutes and I was done. I'm officially swimming with the Academy Masters 4 times a week. This morning I swam 3,500 yards. It was a tough workout, but fun. I'm really enjoying it. I've also been riding a little bit. In previous years, when I get time off, I'm on the bike most of the time. It's like I'd use every available moment I had, to train and put in the miles. I'm trying to shift that way of thinking to manage my hours to a plan. The first thought I had when I realized today was a work holiday was...I can go out and ride. I'm already 10 hours into this week. I plan on swimming and riding Saturday, so a ride would put me over my 12.5 hour ceiling. I just have to tell myself, there will be 25 hour weeks in the near future, but not now--not this week. Many endurance athletes struggle with the discipline. More training isn't always better; sometimes you need a value to ramp up from. It's important to have the discipline to train when you don't want to to meet the week's goal, and it's important to back off when you've met the goal.

Speaking of training, last week was my first bike ride in nearly a month. I went out on the team ride. The pace was fairly fast, and, surprisingly, it wasn't a challenge to keep up. There were times when heading to the designated sprints when I would go to the front and drive the pace. I was surprised; I must have carried over some fitness with me, because I fully anticipated struggling to stay with the group.

Christmas was good. It was low-key, and that's the way I like it. I got some cool gifts--lots of gift cards, which are also my favorite. My wife gave me some tri bike shoes. The kids seemed very happy with their gifts. All around, it was a good time.

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