Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Bit of This and That

My training officially starts for next year on December 22nd. So, I'm just doing a little bit of this and that. I managed to swim 12,500 yards last week. I can still swim with no pain, and swimming technique fades too quick to not try to keep up with it. Saturday, I took the kids for a hike in the foothills to a small waterfall. I wanted to see how my knee would hold out on varied terrain. Everything went well, except little Mia stopped her fall by grabbing a cactus. After picking out the "Pockies" and wiping away her tears, we were on our way again. My knee felt fine, so the next day I decided to do another more challenging hike to continue to build the knee. The night before brought Albuquerque's second snow of the year and really cold weather. Saturday it was in the low 50s, and Sunday it was in the 30s. I hiked a trail I used to hike with my dogs when they were younger and a little more agile. It goes up 1.5 miles and gains 1362 feet of elevation. The trail was hardly visible because of the snow. If felt good just to get out and get some fresh crisp air. My knee felt good, and the trail was so steep I felt like I was doing continuous squats/lunges. The way down was also fairly intense with the snow covered rocks; there was lots of slipping. Today my legs are a bit sore from the hike and the knee is a bit stiff. But, I'm almost to the point when I can start running again. For sure, I'll ride this weekend if not before--that is unless it's too cold outside. Ethan and I picked up a new WW2 video game and have been playing it together alot. It drives him nuts when I beat him; I guess he'll need to put in some more P time on the GameCube to beat his daddy. Who's your daddy!

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