Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Post Birthday Reminiscing

As some of you may be aware, my birthday is October 31st (Halloween). This year was similar to the last few years in that I went to work, came home and took the kids trick-or-treating. The only difference was my oldest daughter decided to go trick-or-treating with some of her friends instead of with me--Bad deal! I guess I'm starting to get old enough that my kids are starting to do things with their friends, even on the important days.

Works been crazy lately. I swam in the morning Saturday then went to work from 10AM to 7PM. I came home pretty trashed. I narrowly dodged having to work on Sunday as well.

Sunday was daylight savings/losings. I got up early 5AM and rode with some friends for what was supposed to be a brisk 100 miles and ~5 hours. Well one of the friends invited some people not necessarily up to the brisk pace. So, the ride ended up being 120 miles and 7.5 hours...UGH! At any rate, a bad day on the bike is better than...(you get the jist).

I came and took the kids (and a couple for their uncles) to Tingley Beach to check the the remote control boats and the man-made fishing ponds. They enjoyed it, and I enjoyed hanging out with the kids. I felt really mellow from the ride.

Afterwards, my wife threw a family birthday party for me. She made some great lasgne and mojitos. It was a good time and I scored a bunch of cash/gift cards for future endurance sports equipment acquisitions.

I ended the week with 14 hours. A lot of the hours were crap from the overly long bike ride.

Monday I ran for 30 minutes, and felt really good. I'm a bit sore but feel like I can run a couple of times this week. I'm crossing my fingers.

I need to go to the voting booth tonight and cast my ballot. I'm still undecided though. Someone told me being undecided this late in the game means your an idiot. So that's why! I'm a blithering idiot. I need another mojito!

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