Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Next Year's Plans

I know it's a bit premature, considering I'm 10 days away from my big day, but I've been thinking about plans for next year. Some of my thoughts are to focus on shorter distance events (i.e. half-iron) to let my running legs get used to the abuse and to develop some swimming speed and race experience. I worry that I inadvertantly named this blog the "Long" road to Kona for a reason. No, I'm not getting down on myself, but I'm just preparing myself for a potentialy long haul goal of getting that call up to Kona. At this moment, it's an a nebuluous goal that will firm up a bit after Arizona. Hey, if I qualify at the first attemp, great! Then I'll spend next year preparing for Kona. That's my plan A. But, I'm a contingency planner by nature, which means I've got plans B-Z already formulated in my mind. That's where I'm going with this entry.

My wife gets frustrated when I ask the following: "What's next?" She doesn't like that I can't just be content with the status quo. I understand her frustration; it's taxing always being on the go. But, unfortunately, it's my nature. I've got to conquer that next challenge. So, after Arizona, What's next?

I'd like to do 3-5 half iron distance events (i.e. Buffalo Springs, New Orleans, Austin, something in Q3)
I'd like to do some local shorter distance stuff
I'd like spend a lot more time running and less time injured
I'd like swim masters regularly--not the get up at 4:30Am group but the get up at 5:15 group--big difference
I'd like to do a few running events
I'd like to use a coach so I can it right or at least get sense that I'm doing it better than my current training technique.

We'll see. This is, after all, plan B.


joyj811 said...

Justin: Kyle told us about your blog a few months ago and we try and keep up to date. We just wanted to leave you a note and wish you luck in AZ next week.

-Jason and Joy Payne
(you rode back from WSMR with us after your Element hit a deer)...

Nancy Drummond said...

I will follow you throughout the race and wish I could be there to cheer you on. I have no doubt you will be able to finish and that you will do well.