Monday, November 10, 2008

12 More Days! Doh!

The time is really drawing near. It kinda freaks me out. 12 days. Yikes! Well, I spend about 11 hours at Ironman practice. I mainly split my time between between cycling and swimming--there was about 1.5 hours of running, which was a bit of a no no! I feel weird laying off the bike so much. I only rode twice; once to/from work and a 3.5 hour ride on Saturday. I swam 4 times this week. Now that I'm coming down to it, I'm finding it hard to be motivated to train, which is probably a good thing. Instead I've been readying all the final details. I'm going to run tubulars on some Zipp 404 wheels. I put some latex sealant in the wheels just in case. And, I'm bringing an extra tuby--just in case. Truth be told, I've never changed a tuby. I hope it doesn't come down to that though. I've called my contact in Phoenix a couple of times to get a read on the the course/weather/swim. It's been windy--YAY! I figure living in the wind swept New Mexico should give me a bit of an advantage. I've spend lots of time training for the wind. It's really mental more than anything. The waters fairly cool but not Boise cold (56 degrees).

The real variable in this event will be the run for me. I try not to think about it too much--it's too depressing (see my last post). Oh well, real men are bourne from adversity (so are stress fractures and month long hobbles). I don't care! I'm crossing the line--even if it's in a stretcher! There's been too many early mornings, long solo rides, physical exhaustion, and hard work to just bag it because the run might not be stellar.

On another note; congrats to my sister for having her 5th baby. And, get well Marilyn.

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Anonymous said...

Drummond Family LA are all proud of you and think you'll do great in ZonaMan. And we'll still love you no matter how you do. We just may love you a little less. JK little buddy. Good luck on the mental training and we wish you nothing but health. Give our love to your family - and punch yourself in the nuts. It helps you run faster.