Thursday, October 23, 2008

Forced Recovery Week

This tendinitis behind my knee is really starting to irk me! I've refrained from running since last Saturday and haven't ridden my bike for three days and it seems like my leg is still the same. I've been taking lots of Ibuprofen and doing of alot of icing, yet status quo. I don't want to lose fitness, but I don't want to prolong my injury. It's too close to IMAZ to take any chances. So, it looks like I'm forced to take a recovery week.

Big picture: I want to show up to IMAZ perfectly confident that I've done everything possible to be prepared. Even more so, I want to have great results. The logical part of me says I need to log a tapered weekly training quantity up to that point. The goal-minded side of me, says to push through. But, if I push through with the scheduled training quantity, I risk aggravating my leg more. So, obviously, I'm conflicted. GRRRR! The smart thing is to recover; I know it. But my drive is to log some miles. The only safe thing I can do is swim, which I've done these last few nights.

Have Mercy! This Sucks!


Scotterbot said...

You've done a ton of work up to this point and will do infinitly better if you show up pain free on race day. Best of luck in the last few weeks.

The Hard Road To Kona said...


Sorry to hear about the shoulder; I guess the bright side is you'll have plenty of time to get ready for next season--you would have taken El Tour De Tucson!