Monday, October 27, 2008

End of Week Summary

This was supposed to be my last week of my final block before taper. I really wanted to put up some big numbers, but my leg isn't letting me do the running thing too much right now. I finished the week off with 14 hours, which included 6.5 hours of riding for 135 miles, 6 hours of swimming for 14,000 meters of swimming, 30 minutes of running for 3.2 miles of running, and an hour of walking.

Saturday, I started with a hard tempo 2,000 meter (rougly half the Iron distance) swim just to get a feel for how long my swim will take. It took me 45 minutes sans wetsuit. I figure a wetsuit will cut a bit of time off, but this is still fairly slow. I started to freak out because a ~1.5 hour swim time will put me in a big hole right off the bat. I tried to brush off the time considering it was a fairly long swim week. I cooled down with an easy 1000. Righ after swimming, I jumped on the bike and rode my regular loop (and then some). I finished the ride with 100 miles and 5 hours. It was really windy and the wind kept shifting. The prior day, I changed my stem length from 12CM to 9CM so I could more on top of my aerobars. The change was a good one. I also wore my aero helmet, which probably gave many people a laugh at my expense--"That guy must have really liked the movie Tron!" I wanted to try out the aero helmet over a long distance to see how I felt after the ride. I'm very glad I did take it because the lack of ventilation in the helmet was horrible. I felt like it was raining inside the helmet because I sweat so much. After my ride, I felt like my head was dehaydrated and my eyes were sunken into my skull. Yes...there's a bit of hyperbole here, but the aero helmet adversely affected my performance. Imagine how bad it would be in the hot Arizona sun. No thanks!

After the ride, I loaded up on some Subway and got the girls dressed in their Halloween costumes. I took them and met Tanya at the kids' school fall carnival--not PC to use Halloween at public school functions. I brought a gallon of water and proceeded to gulp it down. After the carnival, we came home and watched some videos. Oh yeah, I polished off half a pint of Ben & Jerry's Brownie Batter ice cream. That probably wasn't the smartest thing to do.

Sunday morning, I dragged myself out of bed by 9 AM and went to the pool and swam an easy 2,500 meters. I came home and got ready for church. After church, I took a nap while the kids cleaned their rooms; Tanya went to a friend's house to cook dinners for the rest of the week. When I woke up, I had the kids practice their songs for their piano recital. We then met Tanya at the recital. The kids did well. Piano recitals are very interesting (more on this at a different time).

After piano, I decided to try out the running legs. My leg wasn't bugging me. I fired up the treadmill and ran for 30 minutes/3 miles. It was probably 10 minutes too long. As I was running, it dawned on me why my leg has been bugging me. I've been spending so much time pushing (mashing) a big gear while riding. The strain has been significant on the knees. To do that, and jump off and run isn't the best idea. Saturday, I never left the big chain ring. I averaged 20 MPH, over 5 hours, which included nearly 4,000 feet of elevation gain. There was lots of time I had wind on my face. That's terrible strain on the knees. So, I'm not going to do anymore long rides for awhile and I'll start to ice the knees. Nearly all riding for now on will be small chain ring--at least until the legs/knees recover. I'm fairly optimistic I will have my running legs back for IMAZ--if not sooner.

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