Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bike Week

It seems that last week in my over-exuberance to add more running miles and running intensity I might have mildly strained my left knee and right shin. I'm going to play it safe and take the week off of running. I ran yesterday, and noticed it was a bit more than muscle soreness. Furthermore, I've been dealing with a mean case of Swimmers Ear for the last few months. I didn't really know what was going on. I though I had a sinus/ear infection. I even went through 2 rounds of antibiotics. But, as soon as I'd seem to get over the infection, it'd come right back. These last few days I've done a bit of research and I've self-diagnosed myself with Swimmers Ear. I don't trust doctors--especially ones that work at an HMO and are allowed no more than 15 minutes per patient and have minimal experience with endurance sports related injuries/ailments. It appears that I got in the pool too soon after my ear infection, which further exacerbated the situation. Sparing you the unseemly details, I've kept reinfecting myself by continuing to swim with an ear infection. That being said, I'm staying out of the pool this week and taking Swimmers Ear drops. It's Wednesday and I'm already seeing positive results.

Now the only training I can do is on the bike, so this has officially become a bike week for me. My goal is to log 300 miles. We'll see. I hope I don't get too bored on the bike. I am looking forward to this weekend in Silver City though. I haven't done a road trip since Boise. That's too long!

On other news. I've been trying to get our rabbit to burrow a hole for the winter. Last night I raked the rocks out from under the shed: the rabbit spends its nights under the shed. I softened the ground up so she'll start digging. I'm hoping at some point her instincts will kick in, and she'll start digging. No luck last night though; I checked this morning and status quo. I don't want the bunny to freeze in the winter, and I don't want the bunny to live in the house either. The other option is to get another bunny for her to snuggle with, but I don't want our backyard to be over run with rabbits. The vegetation can't sustain it. Our bunny has already eaten nearly every shrub in the backyard. At some point, I might have to burrow her a hole and line it with straw. Gosh the nerve of the rabbits these days! Maybe the addition of a pet coyote will solve the burrow problem quicker.

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