Monday, October 20, 2008

The Big Bike Week Comes To An End

This week I logged 19 hours of training. 17.5 of those hours were on the bike and 290 miles. I was also able to run 1.5 hours and 10 miles. I didn't quite reach my 300 miles on the bike, but with all the elevation gain I picked up, I'm content with the ride. This last weekend, I went with a group of people and rode between Hillsboro, NM, to Silver City, NM. Silver City is the home of the famous Tour of the Gila road bike race. We spent both days covering most of the Gila course. It was a blast! The first day was a 90 mile ride with 8,000 feet of elevation gain. This ride started in Hillsboro and climbed over Emory Pass in the Black Mountain Range and down to a small village called San Lorenzo. From San Lorenzo, we rode through the Mimbres Valley to Lake Roberts, and finally up Sapillo Hill to Pinos Altos and down into Silver City. I was feeling really spunking during the ride and was climbing really hard--some of the people in our group said they hadn't seen me climb that well. In the 35 mile stretch through Mimbres Valley, I ditched the group and rode ahead by myself. I didn't want to get the benefit of a draft. Again, on the climb to Pinos Altos, I put the hammer down and climbed really hard. After the ride, I threw my running clothes on and ran for an hour. Ouch! It's no fun running after killing yourself on the bike. After my run, I came home, cleaned up, ate, and crashed. The next day, we rode to the City of Rocks from Silver City, which is south-east of Silver City. Then we went back to San Lorenzo and proceeded to climb back over Emory Pass and down to Hillsboro. The prior night's run really put my climbing legs out of commission. I was very happy to see Emory Pass after the 1.5 hour climb. The second day ended up being another 90 miles with 7,000 feet of elevation gain. When I got back to the car, it was all I could do to load up my stuff in the car, get changed, and drive home. The weather was perfect, the conditions were optimal, and the locals were very nice.
I have one more week of this training block, then it's taper-time! Today, I think the only thing I can muster is a swim. My legs need a bit of a break. This Saturday, I'm planning on doing my 8-hour workout: 1 hour swim/5 hour bike/2 hour run. I figure, if I can do 90% of the entire event in a training exercise, then I'll have the confidence during the event to know I (nearly) done it before. Wish me lucky!

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Patrick said...

Nice work on the big bike week! Hope you are ready to be and stay aero as long as humanly possible...those winds in AZ can be killer. Good luck with your final few weeks...