Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 3 -- Finally!

Sorry the posts have been weak. It's all I can do just to get through my training this last week. I'm so happy for a recovery weak. Can I just sleep all week, do 1 long training day for 8 hours, and call it good? Probably not but it's tempting.

Last week, I was able to put together was 17 hours: 150 Miles/9 hours on the bike, 23 miles/3.25 hours running, 12000 meters/4 hours swimming. I took Friday off and was soft on Saturday--I trimmed out 2 hours of my ride. Towards the end of the block, I get so dull tired that it makes more sense in the long term to trim the workouts just to avoid digging too deep of a hole.

Saturday's workout was a swim/bike/run brick work out that included a 2,500 meter swim, with a 50 mile bike ride, and finished with a 1 hour tempo run. The run has really started feeling good again. After working out, I had to change really quick and go to Ethan's basketball game. I didn't get time to eat--big mistake. Ethan's team won. Afterwards, Tanya sent me to the grocery store to pick up some things--another big mistake. I bought things that I know I shouldn't have--but I was pretty hungry. Afterwards, Tanya went shopping with her friend and left me alone to babysat 9 kids--we were having 4 kids spend the night and 2 others playing--another mistake. Actually the kids were well behaved and we watched Call of the Wild and ate lots of Mac & Cheese. After the movie was over, we had a giant James Bond video game tournament.

Sunday started with an early morning swim followed by church. My wife and I escaped in the middle of church and ate brie, crackers, and apples. This is a new tradition we're starting. Don't tell anyone. After church I rode for 2.5 hours in a loop around the city. My original intention was to do big gear climbs up Tramway, but the quads told me otherwise. I settled with working on cadence work on the TT bike for the afternoon. When the body talks...

Afterwards, we took the kids to the park. I went back and forth between pushing the kids in the swing, running with Elise in the grass, and playing basketball. At dark, we put the kids to bed and I celebrated the completion of another training block by eating a bowl of Count Chocula and watching a movie with a wife. Now I'm going to enjoy my recovery week.

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