Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Calf Compressor Socks

There's this new thing sweeping the running world--Calf Compressor Socks! And guess what? they work.

Someone recommended these to me the other day. I was tentative. My wife used to wear these while she was pregnant because of blood pressure issues. Additionally, they come with a big price tag. And, they look dorky to any normal person in a Chuck Taylor kind of way. Yet, I'm desperate to rid myself of calf pain when I run. So I jumped on the band wagon and got a pair.

I put these on, along with my short running shorts, and ran for an hour--this was the run after my TT on Sunday. If I had a crystal ball a few years ago and saw myself in the future wearing small running shorts and knee high compression socks, I wouldn't believe it to be true.

My legs felt fine during the run--no pains...nothing. So much so, that I forgot that I've had calf pains these last few months. After the run, I got back in the car and ran consumed with thoughts of the TT I did prior to running. It didn't dawn on me that I was wearing the calf socks until I went to the park in Moriarty where the post TT activities were taking place (i.e. awards ceremony, time posting, and eating). I got out of the car and walked up to the group of cyclists. People kept looking at me weird. Whatever! I assured myself they weren't looking at me weird. Sure enough, they were. My socks looked like I was wearing tights and my shorts made me look like I worship Richard Simmons. Gosh! What have I done to myself? I galloped back to my car much like Napoleon Dynamite would have with his moon boots.

No calf pain--my pride's wincing though.

The week prior, I ran for an hour and couldn't run for 3 days. With the compression socks, my legs felt like I just got done getting a massage. They work!

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