Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Week Closer

This last week, I was able to put in 20.5 hours training. I ran 29 miles in 4.25 hours, swam 10,562 yards in 3.75 hours and rode 225 miles in 12.5 hours. I'm wasted! Saturday was killer. I rode 90 miles in ~4.5 hours on the TT bike, jumped off and ran for an hour and did intervals. The run ended up be 8+ miles. Secretly, I'm trying to push myself so hard that I vomit--it's a sadistic goal of mine. I haven't ever been able to do it though. Other unnamed people I occasionally train with will vomit every time--maybe I push them too hard. At any rate, after my run I was feeling a bit woozy--but that's as good as it got.

The fatigue in my legs keeps accumulating and isn't clearing like I'd like. I probably need to take an ice bath or an Epsom salt bath. They just feel dead. Every time I go to bed, as soon as my head hits the pillow, it seems like it's morning time already. I'm sure anyone would agree, there's just not enough time in the night--or the day!

Sunday morning, I woke up at 5:45AM and joining a bunch of people for a group ride that ended up being 4 hours and 70 miles. I was worried that I'd get dropped due to the lack of snap in my legs, but the route was flat. Surprisingly, I spent most of the day pulling at the front. People kept remarking that I was Mr. Endurance. However, any time we'd hit a punchy climb, I'd lose contact with the group. The rode would flatten again and I'd be right back at the front pushing the pace. The muscles I use while running really affect the way I climb on the bike.

I got home from the ride just in time to join the family at church. After church I took the girls to the park. Tanya and Ethan went to a friends house and hung out. Elise has been wanting to do some cross-country running. I figured the best way to start was by running bare foot in the grass around the park. This is good for building form and foot strength. We did a set of strides, which is more than I should have done given my leg fatigue. Then I had her do 4 laps around the park, which is roughly a mile. If she keeps with it, she could really be a great runner. She's got long legs, a good stride, and the will to push through the pain. Afterwards, I pushed Mia on the swing for a while while the other girls played with a dog at the park. It was good fun.

One of the best things for me about training like I do is getting out all my excess energy. For better or for worse, I was born with an inordinate amount of energy. If I don't manage it, I'm crazy to be around. I'm high strung, moody, and insensitive. When I train out my excess energy, I'm calm and mellow. Everyone is more at ease around me. It's much like a Dalmatian or a Jack Russell Terrier. If you don't walk these dogs, you'll come home with a torn up sofa or rug. I'm not malicious when I do these things, and I get my feeling hurt when scolded, but, gosh, I gotta get it out.

After the park, we came home and snuggled on the couch and watched TV. Elise has really been getting into cooking, so we watched the cooking channel. Mia and Grace gave me a magic marker pedicure--whatever. It was good just to hang out. I slept like a rock last night. I've got one more week in this training block, then my recovery week. After that, It's my last training block before the big taper. I hope I can make it through!

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