Monday, August 11, 2008

What A Weekend

Well this has been a crazy weekend. Not a single swim, bike or run session but I'm physically wiped out! With the help of some great friends and family, we moved all of our personal belongings across town. If you want a great cross-training session, try spending the weekend moving. There's nothing like carrying boxes up and down stairs, lifting furniture or heavy appliances. In many respects it's like a race because you want to get every thing done before the time runs out with your rental truck or the time you took off from work ends.

Another thing interesting to note about moving, is you really find out who you're true friends are when you move. Moving has to be the absolute worst weekend activity anyone could do. I know this because I've moved so many times in my life--I hate it! But, it's even harder to ask friends and family to give up their precious weekends and help you move. This may be an oldest child thing, but I really have a hard time asking someone to help me. The oldest has to take on bigger tasks and be the "go to" child in times of need. You take pride in thinking you can handle anything asked of you. But moving isn't something anyone can do in a timely, effective manor alone. So you "need" help. I asked some, but many others volunteered without me asking. That meant so much to me.

So many times at church, I've been asked to help someone move. I generally politely decline, "I'm sorry, I have plans". I didn't want to put the word out with members of my church because, frankly, I didn't think I deserved it. Sure enough, 5 guys from church (3 of whom I've never met) show up bright and early Saturday morning and helped load the truck with furniture that included dressers, desks, and a piano--and of course lots of boxes. Another friend, showed up with his own truck and dolly and spent the best part of the day helping--he even hooked up my washer! Sister-in-laws came and cleaned the house we vacated so the check-out process would be as pain free as possible. That really helped.

Early Saturday morning when Tanya woke me up because she was anxious about all that had to happen before the scheduled check-out the following day (Sunday), I told her she was crazy because she scheduled the check out the next day. "There's no way we'd finish that soon!" I honestly believed that. I was a bit grumpy because I spent the entire day before (Friday) moving boxes and hadn't even made a dent. Boy was I wrong. After every one's help Saturday, we spent all day Sunday unpacking and setting up our new house.

Thanks again.

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