Monday, August 25, 2008

Week 2 Summary

Well one more week down. I ended with 15.5 hours in total. This was a good effort considering I had all the kids beginning Thursday through Sunday while Tanya went out of town (Dallas) to a fitness convention with her friend.

Thursday night after work, I had to run to the kids' parent-teacher conferences. Elementary school is terrible with so many petty rules. No home work not written in cursive will not be accepted. Why don't the teachers require the kids to write Latin while they're at it. Cursive and Latin are dead! I rode the trainer after getting the kids to bed. Big gear spins - yeehaw!

Friday was nuts getting the kids ready, dropping them off at school, going to traffic court fighting the judge for my "talking on the cell phone while driving" ticket (I got it dismissed), craming in a strength workout at lunch, holding my boss' hand while he tries to make big boy decisions, picking up the kids, and getting them fed and settled in for the night. After getting the kids to be, I watched the worst movie I'd ever seen--Mulberry Street. Never rent this!!! Here's the premise: the inhabitants of NYC get bitten by rats and become rats and start eating each other. I went to bed with a major headache.

Saturday, I dropped the kids off at the gym childcare and started my workout. I didn't have much time, so I pushed a hard tempo throughout. I started off with a 2000 meter TT swim, jumped out of the pool and and on my bike and did a tempo ride around the city (42 miles). Afterwards, I had lunch with the kids and we went swimming. After swimming, we went home and played kickball, horse, and James Bond video game. After a bunch of games, we did yard work. After yard work, I fed this kids dinner (microwave pizzas) and put them to bed. I watched another movie, Day One, about three best friends in their professional career timeframe getting drafted to America's fictitious war with Iran and how they respond to being drafted. It was a much better movie with a much more plausable story-line. Not that I don't think the inhabitants of NYC can't morph into rats.

Sunday was more of the same of Saturday. Though we had to spend a while getting the house clean for Tanya's return.

Total hours: 15
Swimming 4 hours/13,000 yards
Running 3 hours/22 miles
Cycling 7 hours/120
Strength 1 hour

I need to go, I have a meeting in 15 minutes with my boss that needs lots of hand-holding. I'll discuss more later.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been through several blogs and came across your site.-very interesting read. You seem to have a good handle on balancing family, job and training. I'm a mom of twin boys so when I see a dad (like my husband) step up and be a terrific husband, dad and athlete, I think it's commendable!! Anyways, best wishes with your Ironman training.
Jennifer in Indiana

ps, I'm not very good with this google/blogger thing yet so I signed in as anonymous.

Steve Stenzel said...

Cursive and Latin ARE dead! I agree!!

Good luck out there!!!