Monday, August 18, 2008

Training Week In Summary

You'll have to forgive my infrequent updates, we don't have internet at our house. So, I'm effectively internet blind over the weekends. We haven't decided if we're going to get internet yet at our house. We're experimenting with ways to save money/time. With the internet costing >$50 a month in conjunction with another $40 for land phone line, we're saving $90 a month, not to mention all the time surfing. This is a hard sacrifice though! We'll see how long we can hold out.

This week wasn't high in terms of quantity but more so in intensity.

In total I had 13.5 hours of training:
3.2 hours swimming/9600 yards
1.5 hours running/11 miles
8.8 hours bike/150 miles

This weekend was the State TT championships. I spent Saturday preriding the 30K (19 miles) course getting to know the nuances (i.e. hills, descents, wind patterns, road surface, mile markers, and turn around). Also, I didn't want to put in a hard effort and kill my legs for following day's race. So, the total ride ended up being 19 miles at a leisure pace. I rode it with my training partner and we took mental notes of the course. The course was about 45 minutes (driving) south of Albuquerque. So with drive and reconnaissance ride, that took up most of the morning.
Afterwards, I met the family at the pool. I had the intention of swimming 2,500 meters. The weather didn't cooperate. I wasn't in the pool 15 minutes before thunder and lightening began. The pool rule is to evacuate the pool for 30-45 minutes following the last visible lightening strike. I knew they'd pull me out, so I started a continuous swim. As I was swimming I could see everyone leaving the pull. The lifeguard was walking along the pool trying to get my attention. I knew he wanted me to get out. I had ear plugs in, so it was plausible that I couldn't hear his whistle. I did a flip turn at each end, so the life guard couldn't tell me to get out. He began hitting me with his floating device at each flip turn. I was able to ignore him for a few more laps, until, finally, he physically grabbed me. JUST LET ME SWIM!!! I was able to squeeze in 800 meters.

The next day I was up bright and early and of to the TT. I hadn't pre-registered for the race--I don't believe in doing so. Someone called Silvio en route and told him there was no race day registration. We still went, and fortunately, one of my team mates put in the good word and got them to let me register--that wasn't until after the promoter gave me a bit of grief. Hey, I'm superstitious and and don't believe in registering until the last minute--it's a Murphy's Law thing!

I warmed up with a structured warm-up Silvio's coach provided. It took about 45 minutes on the trainer. It was very humid and I was sweating way too much. I took in as much fluid as possible. Finally, a few minutes before my designated start time, I rolled up to the start line. I was off at 8:55:30 AM. Knowing the course was a significant benefit. The course started with a rolling net elevation gain into a headwind. Both of these elements have a phsycological effect on a racer in that they'll see their time at the turn around and be dismayed given the amount of effort used. I was able to spin a smaller gear on the climbs conserving energy; I knew the way back would be downhill into a tail wind. I passed 5 people along the way and finished with a time of 42:37--an average speed of 25.2 MPH. The total elevation gain was 467 feet. When I was done, I was wiped out. I warmed down a bit, packed up my stuff and came home.

I didn't do extremely well relative to the people in my category. But, as a sense of perspective, if I would have maintained this speed at Boise's Ironman, I would have trimmed off 18 minutes from my bike time. That's probably not plausible given the effort, but it's fun to think linearly that way!

Afterwards, I came home and zoned out watching the Olympics. I was schedule to run, but the morning's TT effort left me wasted. I spent the rest of the day recovering.

I've posted my TT effort--look at the HR flat line. OUCH!

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