Thursday, August 14, 2008

How's The Training Going?

Well, as of late, I have written much about my training activities. Since moving houses and offices, I'm still working out the bugs. But, I have started to develop a bit of a rythm. I'll swim Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday AM before work--I'm not going to continue with the Masters though. Getting up at 4:30AM in light of all other training, just isn't feasible. I attribute getting sick a month ago to the sleep deprivation--at least that was a big part of it. I'll swim at Highpoint, which is literally only a couple of minutes from the house. To build my speed, I'm going to use a pacer--an underwater metronome you attach to your goggles that emmits a sound you're supposed to sync your strokes with.

Tuesday/Thursday, I'll commute from the house and take a long course to build the miles. I commuted Tuesday and today. My ride this morning was 37.5 miles and took 1:45 minutes. I'll do the same route home.

I'll run and lift weights at lunch. Yesterday, I ran from the downtown office to Tingley Beach along the Bosque Trail to the Botanical Gardens and back. It was 4 miles round-trip and took 30 minutes. I'm slowly getting my running legs back. I feels good to be running again.

This weekend is the State TT championships. Last Thursday, I did the last of the local Thursday night TT series. It's a 14K course. I actually did it twice for the workout. My times were 20:39 and 21:14, respectively. That turns out to be mid-pack in terms of results. I don't have expectations to win the State TT this weekend: my training over the last year has been long/tempo efforts. At Boise, I did 56 miles in 2:30. That equates to 22.5MPH. To be competitive in these shorter TTs, I need to push 30MPH over 20-30 minutes. At any rate, I'll take any opportunity I can get to race on my Tri bike.

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