Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crazy Life

As I've alluded to a few posts ago, I have this new boss and her boss that I have to deal with. Well, life has been so hard with these people as my supervisors from a life planning perspective. Both pride themselves on working riduculous hours, skipping lunch, and ignoring outside-of-work priorities. This last week, I've had a couple 7/7:30 AM meetings and every day I've left the office at 6:30. All of this challenges training/family life, as can be expected. I've had to get up earlier and go to bed later just to get my time in not to mention the stress levels. The hardest part is not feeling like I have control of my life; I'm at the beck and call of my bosses. I'm sure many of you can attest to this challenge.

Yesterday, it started to come to a head when my boss was emailing me from his Blackberry while on the golf course asking me if I was done with some analysis he asked me for. I had a lunch run scheduled that I just blew off to get this project done, and I'm getting these emails...are you done yet...are you done yet...are you done yet? The night before I got hardly any sleep because my youngest daughter climbed into our bed, fell asleep, and proceeded to wet the bed--somehting she never does. Both my wife and I jumped up right away--my poor wife got the worst of it. After working through this problem, I finally fell back to sleep only to hear my alarm go off--time to swim! Everything pointed to blowing off my swim, but I got up anyway and swam. Besides I didn't want all the time I spent packing the night before to go to waste.

About 3 in the afternoon, I was on the phone with my wife, eyes bulging, head throbbing, and the only audible thing I could tell my wife is "I think I'm going to quit!" Just then, an old boss from a fews years ago came to my office, shut my door, and told me he posted a position internally he wanted me to apply for (I got off the phone with my wife). SWEET SASSY MOLASSY...can I just print my resume right now and hand deliver it across my desk? I played it cool though, but inside I was going to burst like a 2-liter bottle stuffed with dry ice.

Again, I left work at 6:30 and got home in time to start my adjusted workout: bike 4X10 minute big gear spins (1.5 hours) and an added 35 minute run on the treadmill (the one I gave up at lunch): a mini-duathlon. The ride was difficult, pointed, and uneventful, but when I got on the treadmill I fired up the hardest loudest punk music in my ipod and ran my heart out. It felt so good! It was one of the workouts that gives you goose pimple (or bumps) because it feels so good--almost cathartic.

After the workout, the kids were in bed asleep. I kissed each of their heads and whispered "I Love You"s to each of them. I ate my cold hamburger and tater-tots, skipped the squash, drank 2 cokes, devoured half of a mini chocolate cake from Smiths and capped the night off by packing my clothes for tomorrow's bike ride to work. Such is the life of an IronMan!

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