Friday, August 29, 2008

Broke The Seal On Another PR

This morning I started my swim and felt pretty mellow. After stretching my back while kicking for 250 meters, I decided to start doing freestyle laps. Originally, I started off wanting to do either 500 or possibly 1000 meters for a warm up. You can tell I don't have a very specific training plan for my swimming. After 500, I still felt good and went for 1000. At the end of 1000, I decided I'd keep going; maybe I'll knock out a mile (1,650). After a mile, I still felt good, so I kept going. I hit 2,000 meters, and figured I'd keep going. After 2500 meters 100 lengths consecutive without stopping, I decided to finish the total 3000 meter workout by doing 250 more meters, which gave me 110 consecutive laps--without stopping. My previous best was 100 laps. This is a new PR for me! This was 1.66 miles.

The total IronMan distance swim is 2.4 miles or 158.4 lengths of a 25 meter pool. I guess I still have a little more to go. I still have until November to get there.


Anonymous said...

I've recently been shown the way to your blog (I cannot for the life of me remember where I found the link...maybe BT?) and find it very enjoyable to read. You're very honest about the struggles with balancing your family and professional aspects in with your training. Good luck with your IM and congrats on the swimming progress.


The Hard Road To Kona said...

Hey thanks! I try to lay it out so people can appreciate the highs and lows.