Friday, July 11, 2008

Tough Set

I'm still enjoying my recovery week, but, of course, still doing enough to maintain my fitness. Last night I did a fun little number on my trainer: 4X10 minutes in my biggest gear with a 5 minute rest between sets. This is a cycling specific strength builder and shouldn't be done at a high HR or cadence. You're supposed to keep your cadence in the 50-60 RPM range.

I've been doing these for a long time. I generally go outside and use a hill, but today it was nice to not worry about getting rained on or anything else. I started with 5x5 minutes a couple weeks ago. I'm now going to do 4X10 minutes for a couple of weeks. Next, I'll move up to 4X10 minutes, 4X15 minutes, 5X15 minutes, 4X20 minutes, and 5X20 minutes, and finally climb the Crest in the big ring.

It was a good set last night. The kids were at piano practice, so no one was in the house. I fired up the ipod and just focused on my form. Toward the end (last 2 sets) my legs were burning. Just as I got done, the family got home and we ate dinner--easy breezy!

Sometimes, I just like riding on the trainer. In the winter, I ride once a week for three hours. In fact, I'd rather run on the treadmill. When I lived in Boise during the winter/early spring, I'd spend 80% of my bike time on the trainer. I once rode 15 hours in a week on the trainer--that was way too much!

On a different note, my little brother just bought his first house and is scheduled to close mid-August. Congrats!

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