Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Slowly Getting It Back

I couldn't figure out why I'd been feeling so rotten after being sick. My left ear has been ringing and I feel a bit off. Well, turns out I recovering from a perforated ear drum. Apparently, when I got my ear infection, the pressure in my middle ear burst my ear drum. The symptoms are prolonged ringing in the ear, mild vertigo, and a bloody discharge from the ear. I've had all of these symptoms. It's supposed to take 2 weeks to recover from, and you're not supposed to go swimming because you can get an inner ear-infection. Doh! I swam yesterday.

I've run twice now and haven't had any pain. I'm keeping my runs to a 20-minute duration for now. I can't afford to risk injuring myself right out of the gate. It has been nice to run again.

Friday evening, I asked my son Ethan if he wanted to see Batman. I told him he couldn't go unless he dressed like Batman--it took him all of 30 seconds to get his costume on. It was really fun...he was so excited. He kept bouncing on his chair during the previews in anticipation.

I'd read a lot of good reviews of the new Batman movie...and frankly, that gave me a bit of concern. So many movie reviewers miss the mark--significantly. So, I went in a bit jaded. But, this time I think the reviewers got it right. It was a great movie. What's good about the new Batman is, for once, we have a worthwhile adversary--a true foil. It wasn't like James Bond, where every bad guy shoots 1,000 rounds only to miss. Or, all those movies when the bad guy is easily out-fought, out-driven, out-ran, and out-foxed. In Batman, both Batman and the Joker are mortal--they bleed and they get hurt. They have limitations. Their powers are almost attainable by the average-joe. It's not so unfathomable that we, too, could be a Batman or a Joker. Batman wasn't zapped by cosmic rays, bitten by radioactive spiders, or born on Krypton--he was just filthy rich and pushed in a direction by the murder of his parents. At any rate, Batman was a good show and Heath Ledger did Joker proud.

It is a rather strange phenomenon that people love superheroes so much. I can understand children. When I was a kid, I collect comic books; I won't lie. But think about the block buster movies this summer: IronMan, Hulk, Batman, HellBoy, and Hancock. How strange is that?

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