Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shin Splints And Bricks

I went to the doctor on Monday and he told me I have a nast shin splint. He was optimistic that we could work it out without needing orthodix or anything else too radical. He proceeded to massage out the muscle attached to the inside shin. This was fairly painful but not too bad. He told me I could start running as early as Wednesday.

Yesterday, I did yoga and our instructor is currently in school to become a physical therapist. She's also a runner. She gave me a few exercises to strengthen my shins. They seem weird, but I'll do what I need to.

After yoga, my leg was feeling really good, and I was lamenting that it's been a while since I last really ran. I wanted to run today but didn't want to go against my doctors advice.

Work has been really stressfull with lots of big projects overlapping. I wasn't sure if I was going to have to work late tonight and forego my scheduled ride. I spent about 7 hours last Saturday working and another 5 hours on Sunday working. I had a meeting scheduled for 8:00AM the next morning that I needed to be ready for. This meeting was going to take a bit of preparation. Then at around 3:00, I got a Outlook meeting reschedule notice for next week. I was so happy. That freed up my night and pushed the work to next week, which happens to be my recovery week. I try to schedule all of my heavy work during my recovery week and lower volume training weeks-when possible.

After work, I jumped on the bike and rode towards La Luz road. All day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was hot. I schlacked my body with sunscreen--this is a new initiative on my part to avoid skin cancer and wrinkles. As I got closer to my destiniation where I was planning on doing 5 by 5-minute big gear climbs for strength building, a stiff wind blew black clouds in my direction. I could see the rains moving accross the valley in my direction. The wind blew sand all over my sunscreen covered body; the sand stuck and I was getting gritty. I decided to retreat a little from La Luz, which is in the far northeast of Albuquerque, and do my climbs up Alena Gallegos, which more mid-valley. I did my first set and waited 3 minutes. The wind was picking up and I got an occasional drop of rain. I did my next set and waited 3 minutes. The wind and rain were picking up a bit more. I continued my sets and got my fifth one in just as it began to pour. I rode back home with a mighty tailwind. Just to illustrate, I wasn't even pedalling and I was traveling 30MPH. When I got home, I'd been riding 1:50 minutes. My goal was 2 hours.

I figured the only thing that seperated me from Wednesday, at this point, was a few hours. There shouldn't be any harm in a brief 20 minute run in the rain. So, right after my ride, I threw on my running clothes and began to run. It was cool outside. After running for 2-3 minutes, all my holding back these last few weeks finally boiled over. I just opened it up. I ran the rest of the 20 minutes at a 6-minute mile pace. My heart rate was at 172. It felt so good to let it go! There was a bit of pain in my shin, but not like before. When it was over, I ran a little over 3 miles in 20 mintues. Maybe not the conservative thing to do coming off an injury, but it felt so good.

I packed my stuff and was in bed by 10:00. Tanya did everthing possible to sabatoge my sleep and kept me up until 11:00. Only 5.5 hours of sleep tonight. Thanks alot Tanya!

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