Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Last Saturday after my ride, I was hit with some virus that knocked me out. After my ride, I came home with the intention of taking a short nap and taking the kids to the next batman installment. I didn't wake up for a couple of days. There's times when you get sick and you can push through...maybe sleep a little more or tone down the training. Not this time; I had the stuffing knocked out of me! This was nearly as bad as when I caught typhoid while in the Philippines. Five days later, I'm back at work, on anti-biotics, and my head is ringing from a secondary ear-infection. I don't have enough energy to get up and walk down the hall let alone train. At home it's a choir to walk up the stairs.

In the past, a set back like this with the lost fitness would really frustrate me. It takes a while to recover completely. But, I've been training long enough now to know that sometimes getting sick is your body's way of telling you you're doing too much. Extreme physical exertion breaks down your body's immune system. External stress has the same affect. In the last month, I've been dealing with job, family and financial related stress. I was a pressure cooker ready to explode. My diet hasn't been stellar with lots of coke and chocolate. Dealing with sleep deprivation from getting up early (4:30 AM)for Masters swim. Having 4 kids who are always in and out of being sick. All these things add up to a frail immune system. It was only a matter of time. Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock!

Well, the upside is I got lots of rest these past 5 days and I'm only 3 days away from being able to start running again after a three-week hiatus. The big picture is I still have plenty of time to get ready for my next triathlons (Redman, Soma, and IMAZ). I might miss a few things in the interim, but my A-priority events are still intact.

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